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AbleBike is a professional manufacturer of electric fat bike, electric enduro bike, hub motor, ebike conversion kit, e bike, e-wheelchair with high quality and competitive price since 2013 in China. We have our own R&D team to provide new models of electric fat bike, electric enduro bike, hub motor, ebike conversion kit, e bike, e-wheelchair and related accessories every year.
By Jackie Liu | 28 March 2016 | 14 Comments

How would be an electric fat bicycle installed by every parts

An electric bicycle is mostly including the frame, front wheel and rear wheel with motor, saddle, the battery pack installed on the frame, and the front frame includes a head pipe, down tube, front fork, brake system and other accessories. Mounted above the tube in the saddle; the upper portion of front end of the head tube connected to the tube, the rear end of the tube is fixedly connected on the tube; the lower end of the front end of the head pipe connected to the rear end, the down tube is connected to the front end of the fork, the fork connected to a rear wheel; the lower end connected to the head tube of the front fork, the front wheel fork connecting the lower end of the vertical fork, the upper end of the vertical fork tube connecting the head tube, top tube and the down tube enclosed area provided with a battery pack assembly; the battery pack assembly includes a frame provided on the package on the camel, battery box, installed at both sides of the frame and the strips provided in the fixed lock for locking the battery holder. H is fixed between the strips, the battery cartridge is mounted to the camel package, the mounting bracket fixed on the bar, the camel bag inside with a battery box is installed from the rail to take the role of a payment, the outer package camel has played the role of rail take to pay two, the two take to pay and get paid a mating will take to pay one or two and take the pay package camel fixed together and connected to the bracket, when the lock take to pay the two, thereby locking the battery compartment.

So, the quality and level of an electric bicycle is mostly for the motor, battery, front fork, brake system and frame. Now, 6061 T6 aluminum alloy material frame is popular and high level for electric bike, this material is strong and it can be carried heavy weight, maybe a 200kgs person or goods. while the fat bike is always riding on the snow, so, it may help you carry something when you ride in winter. The power of the motor is important for electric bike and electric bike kit is popular now for it's easy DIY for the user, and more and more people like doing outside exercise by ridng a bicycle, but when climbing the roads with up and down, it need stength, so an electric bike kit is helpful, cause of pedal assistant or power assisitant, so the quality of the motor is very important for the rider. The riding range is related to the battery, the lithium battery is popular for it's enviroement and safer, the range is longer than normal battery, also if the ah is bigger, the range will be longer. The power of motor is bigger, the speed would be faster, so, the brake system is important and it can save the life for the user, now more and more people will be paid attention to the brake system for their electric bike is very fast, it's dangerous for their daily riding, but install a hydraulic disc brake system will be helpful their crazy rding. 

As a result, every part of the electric bike is helpful and check your parts time to time before your riding is a good habit for the riding liker.

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